Unusual Roofing Materials

There are different types of roofing materials available in the market. There are some made from the most unusual material available and is widely used around.

For some construction builder on site, there are always a lot of option available especially getting the right roofing for their building. Before getting one placed on top of the building, it is important to determine what kind of roof that should be placed on top of the roof. There are different kinds of roofing materials available in the market and there are even unusual roofing materials and design that are different in style and fashion and even the material used for building this unique and unusual roofing.

For starters, there is some roofing that comes from nature and uses nature as its main material for making their roofs.

The thatch roof is made from dry grass or hay and it is widely found in tropical countries where it is mostly use on decks and huts. The dry material is bound together to form a straight flat surface and could be placed easily on the building. The lightweight and cheap roofing material of thatch roofs makes it one of the choices for roofing material but it comes with a price where it is hazardous especially dry grass or hay are flammable and exposed to danger easily.

There are even terra cottas roofing where it is made from clay. These kind of roofing materials is cheap and is widely used in buildings and housing areas. Terra cottas roofing are made in a certain shape or design and it is stacked together to fit properly on each other once it is placed on top of the roofs. They are placed evenly and overlapping each other. These kinds of roofing are a bit costly and it takes time to install as there are not many manufacturers of these kinds of special terra cottas roofing available in the market as cheaper materials are now available for roofing materials instead of clay.

Tin roofs or roofs made from tin are a rare design and materials especially for roofing. With its thin, lightweight characteristic, tin roofs are uncommon and unusual in certain areas. With tin, it takes extra measure and precaution as it takes more time for maintenance and repair as tin could rust easily compare to other materials. Tin roofs are mostly used in olden times where in the past, tin was an abundance material that is widely used around to make many different metal items including roofing materials.

There is even wood roofing where it is made from wood. For those who prefer a touch of nature and prefer the wood look for their building especially if their building is made from wood as part of compliments the building. Roofing materials made from wood are different as it is shape something similar to terra cottas roofing in the shape of tiles and it is easily placed or stack on top of each other slanted on top of the building. Wood roofing are expensive as it takes extra protection and maintenance especially for termites and weather environment or changes as it could easily rots and spoiled if there is not proper maintenance taken.

There are even rubber roofs and cement roofing materials that are more durable and lasting as part of roofing materials. These roofing are mostly been mixed together to form a new kind of roofing materials to make it last longer and withstand elements of weather and climate changes.

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