How to Install Corrugated Metal Roofing

Corrugated metal roofing was once used as a secured roofing system for village houses, factories and barns. Although this roofing is very much practical and handy, it wasn’t a beauty to look at. The plain and metal outlook it gave a place made it look slightly rustic and in dire need of repairing. Though it didn’t highly appeal to the general people, now that it has been given a fresh breath by its producers they are taking notice.

Unlike corrugated metal roofing in those days, the roofing available today has been modernized to suit the preference of the people. The various styled houses and ethnic designed houses are increasing the demand of corrugated metal roofing.

This particular roofing was avoided in the past as it was not durable enough. Often it rusted or wore out when exposed to the various weather conditions causing constant repair work. Now however, with the growth of technology material from which corrugated metal roofing is made from does not only withstand rust but is also durable for a much longer time than it used to. Corrugated metal roofing comes in many different types such as aluminium, metal with oxidized finish, steel or galvanized steel, and even pre painted aluminium.

Although installing corrugated metal roofing is not much difficult with patience and care, it is wise to have professional help while dealing with it. Length of corrugated metal roofing varies with the need of the buyer. From the basic 3 feet by 6 feet size, the roofs are made up to 15 feet or even longer based on demand. But if cost is considered and you have decided to handle the installing on your own, here are the instructions you can follow.

1.    The first thing to do is to remove the older layers of the corrugated metal roofing or any other kind of roofing on your roof. Corrugated metal roofing is very heavy to deal with therefore you are advised to take time in stripping off the layers. You would most definitely need special tools for removing the layers so keep it in mind to check it out with an expert.

2.    Check and replace the worn or rotten wood board as metal roof can condensate during the change of weather. If your house is built with natural airflow system, it would not affect the wood structure but if our house is not properly insulated it is wise to give it a thorough check. Corrugated metal roofing cannot be installed on weak wooden beams.

3.   Use roofing paper or tap paper to waterproof the roof. It would reduce the chances of the wood to rot which is very expensive to replace as it would mean changing almost most of the structure. Paste it horizontally beginning from the bottom of the roof. Overlap the row so that water has little chance of entering in. a smart way to waterproof the roof before installing your  corrugated metal roofing is by working from bottom to top.

4.   Finally as you’re installing your metal sheets of the corrugated metal roofing, just lay the sheet overlapping the other sheet and screw it down.  As you install the metal sheets, fasten it along the ridge to keep it aligned. It is proper overlapping and avoids water seeping in.

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