How to Install Aluminium and Vinyl Soffit and Fascia

Installing a soffit and fascia may be a hassle no matter what they are made of, especially when you’re trying to install them on your own. But worry not as there are several easy, simple and basic ways to install aluminum and vinyl soffit and fascia.

Both of the aluminum and the vinyl soffits and fascias have become increasingly far more popular and in demand for the past decade. The aluminum and vinyl soffits and fascias are also among the most used home maintenance products for the exterior trim parts, and they are both practically replacing the wooden soffits and fascias in the field of home remodelling and new construction

Since these types are usually easy to be replaced when the time come and are also easy to install, there is no reason why you can’t do it on your own, minus the help of repairmen which, by the way, may be charging you with an exorbitant fee just for a simple repair work alone.

Installing the soffits and fascias at your house on your own will definitely save yourself more money. If your house is made of wood, the aluminum and vinyl soffits and fascias will protect any of your exposed wood from being badly damaged by water for several years ahead.

Before installing, make sure that you are fully equipped with a rivet gun, trim nails, fascia (4 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches), soffit (solid or vented), and J-Channel (1/2 inches or 5/8 inches).

The first thing you have to do is to remove the existing fascia, soffit, and the J-Channel and undo the gutter’s downspout. The downspout should always be attached to the wall so keep this in your mind during the installation. To attach the downspout on the wall, you would have to drill on the pop rivets which are connecting the downspout and the gutter.

Next, you need to set up your J-Channel up along your wall and nail it with trim nails, and don’t leave any gaps. The next thing you should do is to cut the soffit pieces, and then slide them into the J-Channel and nail the soffits on the fascia board with a nail and install the aluminum and vinyl fascia. To avoid the soffit from shifting and buckling, make sure that you nail in the groove.

Then, cut your vinyl and aluminum fascia pieces in a much longer size than the actual sizes that you had measured before so that you will be able to trim them back if necessary. It’s much better to trim the pieces back if it’s not the appropriate size rather than having to need other new pieces of fascia.

Finally, you need to tuck the fascias on the bottom of the drip edge which is in between the roof plywood and shingles. Only nail the fascia’s top part (nail for about an inch from the fascia top), and the final step is to reinstall the gutters by nailing them all back in place. You need to use the pop rivets for the downspout’s reinstall. Have the rivet gun on standby if necessary.

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