Does Metal Roof Interfere With Cell Phone Signals

With the growth of technology, cell phones have become a circumstantial contraption of convenience. Having a cell phone enables you to be mobile while connected to the people around you. At the beginning, cell phones were only made for receiving and making calls just like a normal house phone but now it is more versatile with connection to the internet, radio signals, MP3 and Walkman option, and a camera option for photography.

However high-tech a phone is, this multi-million dollar creation has one very common flaw because without a connection to the communication tower, a cell phone is rendered useless. It is not necessary for a cell phone to loose connection in a remote area, cell phone signals are also disrupted under a metal roof. If your home is equipped with metal roofing, interference might occur. This is due to a situation termed the ‘faraday cage’ which is a condition where home’s that have metal frames or metal roofing emit a certain blockage towards phone signal waves. The metal used for construction has a certain amount of lead in it which is the main cause of the problems.

Imagine living in a home that interferes with your cell phone signal. There would be moments where you would probably miss important business calls or long distance calls from relative and friends. This is very much inconvenient and it beats the purpose of having a cell phone to begin with. People whom own houses with metal roof often have to sit by the window for a clearer reception or probably stand out in the porch to get a cell phone signal. The aluminium siding in the metal causes a scientific effect that blocks the reception of any electronic signals. Although people opt for metal roofing because if circumvents any kind of radiation, it is very much troubling to be unable to sit where you are in your home and have a conversation on your cell phone.

There are several ways you can try to boost up your cell phone signal. Firstly, make sure your cell phone is always fully charged. The more battery power it has, the higher is the cell phone’s accessibility for connection. Although metal roofing blocks the phone signals, when your battery power is high it has more charge to roam and pick up cell phone signal. Find locations in your home with reception and often answer calls in various different rooms to check the strength of the signal.

You can also install a cell phone repeater which is an amplification device which boosts the cell phone signal. A cell phone repeater comes with an external and internal antenna to pick up signals from the nearest communication tower on the external antennae and repeat it to the internal antennae inside of your home to allow cell phone signals. Using a cell phone repeater is a smart option as it will provide you will better reception and permit cell phone signal in your home even if the metal roof interferes.