Best Way to Cut Corrugated Steel Roofing Panels

Before cutting corrugated steel roofing panels, it should be placed on sturdy surface and followed measuring the surface dimension of the metals you desire to cut. Next, make good use of the combination square and you can perform the best cutting by dragging the power shear across the surface of the corrugated steel roofing panels

Corrugated metal roof panels are among the popular roofing panels for decades due to the fact that they are not heavy and can last for many years if it is efficiently handled and taken care of. The fact that they are sturdy is due to the reason that they are made of galvanized metal. They are widely used especially in agricultural and industrial buildings. It is particularly vital to handle galvanized corrugated roofing panels with due care because shall the galvanized coating on the panel be accidentally removed, the panels can easily rust. Also, it must be properly handled because it is sharp. You would be taught the best way to cut corrugated steel roofing panels as they are made of steel as well as protecting the lifespan of your corrugated metal roof.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Thus, the first step to begin with the cutting is to equip yourself with all the necessary tools and materials. Since it is a rough job, you would need a flat and sturdy surface to do the job. Next, get yourself a tape measure, permanent marker, combination square, power shear, goggles, gloves and an assistant.

On top of the list, you should start putting on gloves and the corrugated steel roof should be placed on a sturdy surface.

This is continued by measuring the dimension of the metals you desire to cut by stretching the tape measure in accordance with one edge of the corrugated panel. Then, the length you wish to cut must be marked with the permanent marker. Make sure you trace the pattern of your corrugated steel roofing panels before proceeding to the next step.

Next, the combination square is to be set to the mark made on the panel. Then, the permanent marker is rested on the edge of combination square. The combination square is dragged to the edge of corrugated roofing panels and hence, a cut line is marked on the surface of the panel.

The power shear’s cutting blades must be aligned with the cut line on the corrugated panel. Next, the trigger of the shear is to be pulled to begin the cut.

The following step is to drag the power shear across the surface of the corrugated steel roofing panels. Stop when you have cut the panel to a sufficient length. However, in case the power shear binds, the handle of the power should be tilted forward, heading the cutting blades. The angle shall be changed when the surface meets the blades. The trigger is to be continuously tilted until everything is cut.

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain if you stick to the best way to cut corrugated steel roofing panels.

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